Saturday, October 18, 2008

Protect Your Identity - Be Careful With Your Details

There'll be more detailed information coming in future, but here is some straight forward commonsense tips about protecting your identity:

Be very careful what kind of information you give away and who you give it to. What sort of information are we talking about? Everything! However, the obvious place to start is: credit card details, social security number, your full name, your address, your phone number, your drivers license, etc

Look after that information.

Don't give out that information to people unless absolutely necessary - and even then think twice about.

Don't leave things with that information lying around where others can access it. Yes, that means don't leave a bill on your desk at work where other people can see it. You don't know who's going to steal your identity. It could be a colleague!

Keep an eye for people who are trying to access that information or for situations where you may be exposed.

Identity protection is all about minimizing the risk of identity theft, by being careful with your information.

More tips on identity protection coming in future posts!

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